Alexa now in Amazon’s regular shopping app

Alexa’s getting larger.

Amazon announced on Thursday that it will be incorporating its voice activated assistant into its shopping app.

Some users will start seeing Alexa show up as soon as today, and the company will slowly roll out the new feature over the next week.

So now you will be able to ask Alexa more than just “what’s the weather?” – questions like “Alexa, can you find me a cheap umbrella?” might become more common.

The update is a boon to consumers, who are no longer required to have an Amazon device, like an Echo or Fire TV, to enjoy Alexa.

The more people use Alexa, the smarter she gets, so by incorporating the technology into their very popular mobile app, Amazon can turbocharge their artificial intelligence efforts.

And once people get more comfortable with Alexa, maybe they will be more interested in buying an Echo or other Amazon device.




If you would like to try Shopping with Alexa, try asking questions like:

“Search for toilet paper”

“Reorder protein powder”

“Where’s my last order”

“Add body wash to my cart”

“What’s the best selling DSLR camera?”


You can also ask Alexa to play music, or Kindle books, right from the Amazon app:

“Play the rolling stones”

“Read my Kindle book”

And of course you can ask Alexa all the usual questions, such as:

“When is Columbus Day”

“What is Sociology”

“How do I hide Instagram hashtags?

“Who is Steve Bannon?”



To use the new feature in the Amazon app, locate the microphone icon and press it.  Then start talking.

Let us know what you think of the new feature, and whether or not you find it useful in the comments section below!